Thinking Filters

Have you ever seen one of those extractor fans that go above a cooker and sucks up the steam, grease and cooking smells through a charcoal filter and then releases the cleansed air back into the kitchen again?
Now these extractors are very good when the filter and fan are nicely cleaned but imagine what would happen if you never changed the filter or cleaned the fan ‘ever’?

Imagine what would happen if you shut the kitchen door and all the windows and switched that filthy old fan fully on?

What would happen is, as the air cycles through that filthy old fan and out into your kitchen then back through it again and again and again, the air in your kitchen will gradually become more and more saturated with the bad odours caught up within that smelly old fan and filter.
However, the very moment you give that old fan a good clean up and change its clogged and grimy old filter, then instantly things begin to improve.

The air gradually starts to become clean again, each and every time the saturated smelly air is cycled through the new clean filter a little bit more smell is removed until finally the whole room is fresh and clean.

Now imagine your depressed, negative attitude is that filthy old fan and the air in the kitchen is your perception of the world you now inhabit, think what would happen if you switched on that old negative fan in your head? Imagine all your thoughts about yourself, your abilities, your future, your friends, your job etc. constantly being sucked through that filthy old filter in your head, once, twice, three times, again and again, and repeatedly over and over, how you look, how clever you are, how interesting you are to others, the people around you, the weather, your desire to live etc. All your thoughts go round and round through that grubby, smelly old negative filter, blown out into your head and sucked through the filter time and time again until your whole head eventually becomes completely flooded and literally swimming in pessimism, darkness and despair.
The way you feel emotionally dictates your thoughts and your thought influence your feelings.

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