Start a Group

When we are ill, yes the natural response is to withdraw and isolate ourselves. Psychiatrists and researchers now consider this to be a very helpful adaptation that can help slow down the spread of disease etc. However this urge to withdraw in relation to depression is not helpful, in that by isolating ones-self one actually provides depression with more of what it needs. Isolation provides the perfect environment for negative rumination, which involves such negative habitual thought processes as black or white thinking, over generalising/stereo typing, expecting the worst, focusing on the negative side of everything and one’s own weaknesses and on to negative future expectations. This then leads to feelings of Hopelessness, Insecurity, Anxiety and ultimately a deeper more entrenched state of Depression and despair. Therefore having the option to meet and connect with others who understand how you feel is a very good way to counteract this unhealthy trend. Group meetings can provide the perfect environment for you to be heard, receive helpful feedback, re-establish confidence around people of all walks of life, or even meet new friends, hence satisfying our human need for significance.