Depression, Important Observation.

Not long after I started running the Depression Alliance meetings in Hove (England) it soon became obvious to me that negative early childhood experiences somehow had some part to play in why those present were suffering as they were. I would say about 80% of the people I see at the group had stories of inadequate, abusive-parental or sibling treatment and the other  20% very often refer to bullying or feelings of inferiority later during their development. Interestingly many admit to having a parent or two who also suffer but this is another issue I may tackle some other time.

In my case my mother was severely depressed and attempted suicide several times before I was born and after, resulting in my inability to attach to a secure caregiver/mother which I now understand had a massive negative influence on my attitude to life and in consequence my neural development, literally altering my neural architecture in order to be better equipped for the very real dangers of being a baby with a frightening high potential for dying from abandonment or even physical abuse etc. Also as I grew up my father had very strict religious standards and died when I was 7 so I had to bring myself up without any support or sympathy from my (as a result) even more depressed mother or even anyone else.

This is why I am recommending these few interesting links to all who may be interested in helping themselves. Even though on the face of it they may not directly be covering the subject of depression I feel the subject of developmental trauma is very important, purely due to the sheer number of stories I have heard over the years (plus my own) that seem to suggest that childhood neglect/trauma, even hospitalisation may be at the root of depression.

living in this hectic troublesome world with a nervous system that has never had a chance to learn how to calm itself down certainly does have a big part to play in the development of depression as research into child development certainly seem to be backing up what I am fast becoming convinced is the main reason why I have had such a struggle during my life. So if you are suffering now, make the time to follow this LINK and THIS ONE as I feel it could shed some much-needed light on the possible real reason why you are feeling the way you are. One more good LINK to watch on this subject. Would be interested in your thoughts please.